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The Top 25 Most Expensive Domains Of All Times

The Top 25 Mo t Expensive    Domains Of All Times 

Welcome to the updated top 25 list. We just added GMO's November 2014 purchase of for a hefty $6.8M making it into top 10. Be aware that his list shows cash only deals for domain names. On other lists the price of the domain name is mixed up with the purchase of IP rights, website etc

25., $2.8 Million

24. $3 Million

Year: 2009 (G&J Holdings)
Rick Schwarz, the domaineer per excellence, sold to G&J in 2009, who wanted to create the go to candy shop on the web. Currently they are known for being deindexed by Google due to black hat SEO methods and having to lay off a large number of staff in the process, but what a great domain name to promote your business.

23. $3 Million

Year: 2006 (Russian Standard Co.) was purchased in 2006 by the largest vodka manufacturer in the world Russian Standard Co. Today they use the website to educate customers about the wonders of vodka.

22. $3 Million

Year: 2014 ( swapped in their - not so memorable - name for this generic keyword domain giant.

21. $3.1 Million

Year: 2014 ()

20. $3.6 Million

Year: 2014 ()

19. $3.85 Million

Year: 2008 (AT&T)
Yellow Pages was the offline Google. During the revamp of the business in 2008 AT&T needed a new name to show that everything had changed - they bought the hip from Live Deal for the rebranding.

18., $4 Million

Year: 2008 (Owner unknown) is the first of the three adult domain names between the 20 most expensive domains ever sold, and one of the most popular search terms on the web. It offers - not surprisingly - free porn.

17., $4.5 Million

Year: 2011 (Apple)
It's all about the cloud. Apple acquired from Swedish based Xcerion in 2011. Xcerion provides their own cloud platform, but the offer was too good to resist. So many golddiggers are still waiting for Apple to buy their i-domains. Let's see who is next. They had earlier purchased for a seven figure, but nowhere near our top list.

16., $4.7 Million

Year: 2013 ()

15., $4.9 Million

Year: 2008 (Zappos)
Zappos is not only about shoes, shoes and shoes. When Amazon acquired in 2009 it was revealed that Zappos had bought the year before for a staggering $4.9M. It redirects to their clothing line web shop.

14., $5 Million

Year: 2004 ( Communications) was first registered in 1995 and later resold in 2004. It is the most expensive country domain. was sold for $2 Million.
13., $5.1 Million
Year: 2009 (ToysRUs)

There are some generic terms which define a business such as Vodka or SEO. Same with which was acquired by American market leader ToysRUs for its three retail properties: ToysRUs,, and FAO Schwarz.

12., $5.5 Million

Year: 2007 (Mansion Limited of GIbraltar)

Mansion Limited operates from Gibraltar and hosts several online games. was that great domain name, which probably has paid back its investment many times over.

11., $5.5 Million

Year: 2010 (Bodog)
Registered in 1995 the domain was set for sale in 2010 at a Snapnames domain auction, however it did not reach the minimum bid requested. Moniker managed to sell it afterwards directly to the new owner Bodog, an online gaming site.
Calvin Ayre from Bodog excitedly claimed that "Even at $5.5m, I'm convinced the price was a steal."

10., $6.8 Million

Year: 2014 (GMO Internet)

9., $7 Million

Year: 1999 (Interbrew)

Interbrew acquired the domain from Andrew Miller and Michael "Zappy" Zapolin the year after they had acquired it for $80.000. Timing is everything. There are some conflicting reports saying that they got the $7 million in stock, which was later claimed to be only $2 million.

8., $7.5 Million

Year: 2006 (
Domain names are man's best friend, especially if you are Odimo Inc., which sold their stock and inventory to, the European jewelry retailer. The icing on the cake was their domain name which went for $7.5 Million.

7., $8.5 Million

Year: 2010
Buyer : facebook
Facebook acquired the domain name from the American Farm Bureau Federation, which used as its primary domain. At its annual meeting in Atlanta, the non-profit revealed that it had earned a hefty $8.5 million on the sale of

6., $8.88 Million

Year: 2015 (WGCZ s.r.o)
Bought in August 1997 by Rick Schwarz for USD 42.000 from a student that bought it the week before for USD 5.000. Sold in January 2015 to Czech Adult industry player WGCZ.

5., $9.5 Million

Year: 2007 (MXN Limited)

As in the case of did not make the minimum bid at an auction (T.r.a.f.f.i.c. West), but Moniker later managed to sell it to MXN Ltd. at $9.5 Million.

4., $9.99 Million

Year: 2011 (Eastern Services Group)

The website is currently under contruction. A controversial sale from the beginning when acquired by Nevada-based company Eastern Services Group which worked as a tax advisor to casinos and which then went public. Later it was revealed that they did business with a number of shady companies such as Westmore Capital which was closed down by the SEC for running a $53 million Ponzi scheme. At the end of 2011 had lost 99% of its revenue.

3., $11 Million

Year: 2001 (David Roche)

In a recent interview with BBC, David Roche the CEO of Worldwide, revealed that they had originally acquired the domain in 2001 for $ 11 Million. Selling the company years later for $1.1. Bn, this is the true evidence of how a domain can disrupt a traditional market and be worth the millions invested.

2., $13 Million

Year: 2010 (Clover Holdings)
The story of should have been adapted for the big screen. In 1994 Gary Kremen, the founder of, registered In 1995 Network Solutions, the registrar, got tricked by a man named Stephen M. Cohen, who managed to get ownership of the domain name by falsifying letters and faxes. Kremen took Cohen to court and only got back the domain name after five years legal battle getting on top of this a compensation of $40 Million for lost earnings.
Cohen had made an estimated $500.000 per month in traffic from the site during its heyday. He managed to flee the US and was later arrested in Tijuana, Mexico.
Kremen sold the domain to Escom in 2006 for $11.5 Million and it was later resold in 2010 for $13 Million to Clover Holdings.

1., $17 Million

Year: 2015 (Qihoo 360)
Beijing Qihoo Technology Company Limited acquired from Vodafone in January 2015 for an estimated USD 17M (according to insiders from Qihoo - nothing official yet). The security software and mobile services company has used until now, but the .com domain was needed to drive their global strategy

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