Friday, 29 May 2015

Google’s Most Popular And Least Popular Top Level Domains

What are the most popularly used top level domains, or at least, which are the ones that show up on pages indexed in Google?

I wondered this yesterday after seeing a news article stating that the registration of .cn (china) top level domain names topped 1 million for the first time ever by the end of 2005. The seed for my wonderment was probably planted when EGOL, at Cre8asite Forums, asked about using a .info top level domain earlier that day.

So I decided to check to see which were the most popular in Google, since that was the easiest place to get some statistics.
I found a couple of lists of top level domains (generic tlds and country code tlds), and searched for the number of results that appeared in Google, using the advanced “site” search operator and my tld lists. For example, a search for “” without the quotation marks might show me approximately how many pages appear in Google’s index that are on sites using a “.com” top level domain.
I’ve listed the 20 most popular, then the 20 least popular, and finally the whole list.
The 20 top level domains with the most page results in Google:
.eduUS accredited postsecondary institutions1,550,000,000
.govUnited States Government1,060,000,000
.ukUnited Kingdom473,000,000
.netNetwork services206,000,000
.usUnited States68,300,000
.ruRussian Federation67,900,000
.milUnited States Military

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