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Advanced search features at the Google search engine

Advanced search features at the Google search engine.

  • Objectives To explore the advanced search features at the Google search engine.
  • Method You will use the advanced search page at Google.
  • Comments  Google generally works well using simple search queries, but it does offer several advanced search options to help you construct and restrict your search.
A. From the main Google home page, select the link to Advanced Search. (

  1. Google's advanced search features are relatively new to the site and are continually being developed and expanded.
  2. Under the Advanced Web Search, examine the different search options available. This search interface allows you to do a limited type of Boolean search operation using a form instead of search syntax.
  3. Notice also that there are options to restrict by Language, File Format, Date and Domain. The Occurrences option allows you to restrict your search to certain parts of the web page, for example title or URL.
Use the form to enter the following search as shown in below figure:

  1. Find results with all of the words: sailing
  2. Find results with at least one of the words: holiday vacation
    Language Return pages written in: English
  3. Occurrences Return results where my terms occur: in the title of the page
  4. Domains Only return results from the site or domain: .au
When you have entered the search, press the Google Search button.

B. Examine your search results.

  1. You should find that your search retrieves Australian sites which have titles containing the word sailing and either the word holiday or vacation.
  2. Note: On your search results page, examine the search box. Google has automatically entered the search query it has constructed from the information you entered in the forms, as in below figure .


  1. Notice that this query doesn't need the AND operator – this is because by default, Google automatically combines search terms using AND.
  2. Go back to the Advanced Search page and experiment with some of the other search options, such as restricting the date or file format and trying out Page-specific searches.

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