Saturday, 13 June 2015

Field Searching by google - allintitle:,allinurl,intitle:,link:

Objectives To understand how to use field searching options to search more effectively.
Method You will use the title search at Google.
Comments Field searching can be useful in searching the web as it enables you to narrow a search down to specific parts of a web document, such as a title.

A. Now try the search:  allintitle: search engine tutorials


  1. This time you are searching for all of the words in the title of a page (the title of a web page is the text that appears in the bar at the top of the browser window).
  2. The title is also listed as the main heading to each site in the search results list. You can see the search terms highlighted in the title in the figure below.
  3. You should find that you retrieve fewer results and the results should be more targeted to your search term.
    Notes:It is likely that a document which contains your term in the title will be more relevant for you than one which just mentions your keyword somewhere in the body of the document
B. Try out some of this earch options as prefix to string : link:, intitle:, allinurl:

  1. link: Restricts the search to hypertext links in documents. It can be useful if you want to find out how many sites link to a particular page. For example,
  2. intitle: This will search for any of the words in the title of the web page. This differs to allintitle: used above where all words must be in the title.
  3. inurl or allinurl: Searches for a particular URL (URL = Uniform Resource Locator = web address) or part of a URL on a web page. For example, inurl:pinakes will retrieve web addresses containing the term pinakes.


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