Sunday, 21 June 2015

How to make logo for website ?

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Now - a -days ,website logo became status symbol of quality of your websites. It must be reach, attractive and SEO friendly with web contains.

We recommend to use Sothink Logo Maker. Even the logo of this website is created with help of the same software.
You find the licensed sothink logo maker Sothink Logo Maker download

One download done, it may ask for password by zip file, Password will 

Sothink Logo Maker is software that's designed specifically for people who are in the logo making business. It is easy to use even for a novice.

The Sothink Logo Maker can help you create simple logos from scratch. There's no training necessary in order for you to come up with logos that look as if they were made by a professional.

You don't need to hire a logo designer because you can work on the logo you want right on your desktop. You can create logos for companies, businesses, web signatures, buttons or even icons with the Sothink Logo Maker.

There are style templates to make your work easy and they can be edited according to your designs. This application can import SWF materials or images in JPG, PNG or BMP format.

Step : 1 Open Software and Choose template you like.
Once you open the sothink you find the auto template option to suitable for your website.

Step : 2 Edit Logo with your own text: Once you selected template you can modify text as per your requirement.

Step : 3 Export Logo in png, jpg formate. Logo ready- One you have done editing, you can export image as logo in png by Import/Export menu.

This is done . premium logo is created without any hard work..

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