Saturday, 13 June 2015

Including & Excluding Terms from Google Search results

  • Objectives : To learn how to include or exclude terms from your search engine results.
  • Method : You will access a search engine and use the plus and minus signs to control your search.
  • Comments: Often, when you enter keywords into a search, it is difficult to know what exactly the search is doing with those keywords – is it searching for results containing all the terms, or just one? Simple search methods can ensure you can control your search.

Lets Learn : Go to and search :


To Exclude Particular words from Google search :- use "-"(minus) sign in text string 


Here you can find the terms rss is omitted in the reseults

Click on Google Search and make a note of the number of results returned:
  • Notice that this search has retrieved both upper and lower case versions of these search terms – Google is not case-sensitive.
  • You don't need to use a plus sign in front of your terms, as Google automatically searches for both terms.
To search exact words from Google search :- use text in " "(quote) sign in text string 

Use text in search ""

  • The phrase search retrieves the words placed between the quotes in the order you have specified, exactly next to each other.
  • Using a phrase search should have once again reduced the number of results retrieved quite dramatically and improved the relevance. In this example, Russian Revolution is a commonly used phrase, and a phrase search would be the best technique to try initially.
  • You will learn more about phrase searching and its advantages in the next task.
  • Note: Phrases can also be included or excluded by prefixing them with the plus or minus signs.

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