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SEO-Semalt Affiliate Program

Before we go for SEMALT AFFILATION PROGRAM, we must understand about Semalt.


Semalt is a professional webmaster analytics tool that opens the door to new opportunities for the market monitoring, yours and your competitors' positions tracking and comprehensible analytics business information. 

Google Analytics, StatCounter, Sitemeter and other well-known web analytics systems are unable to answer the questions crucial for the webmasters and don't allow them to take full control of their websites.
  1. What are my website rankings on Google? 
  2. Who are my major competitors?
  3. What is my social media reputation?

Semalt tool kit ensures reliable control of your business and can help you achieve the peak of success their Following Services-

Tracking your website positions in search engines by traffic-generating keywords. This monitoring allows to get a broad picture of your business situation in primary and local markets
Monitoring of your brand and website mentions in search engines and social networks. This analytical information depicts your popularity rate and allows you to develop a competent policy of cooperation with the Internet community.

Research and analysis of your competition positions in search engines. The effective use of this information allows to highlight key points of your future work and always be one step ahead of your competitors
Comprehensive analysis of your website for its compliance with the website development and SEO industry requirements. Using the results of this analysis you can increase search engines and user trust in your website

Committing the obtained analytical data by exporting them to PDF and CSV formats. It is hard to overestimate the importance of this feature when giving presentation for your customers and management.

Semalt Affiliate Program

Semalt offering Affiliate program for selling their above product .

  • Once you sales their products through the given like below, you will start to get commissions.
  • Your affiliate links to promote Semalt Services:
  • You will get 30% commission on every sale made by someone you've invited

What is the best way to promote Semalt?

The most effective ways to promote Semalt Services are
  • Writing promo articles on your blog
  • Posting ads on forums
  • Sharing direct links with your customers, friends, coworkers
  • Copy the code to put a banner on your website tools provide by semalt like below

Profit calculator
Orders you will generate:

Orders1st monthNext months
Affiliate statistics (all time) Example-
  • You have 0 affiliates in your program. 
  • 0 orders / 0 rebills by your link. 
  • Total earnings $0 
  • Payout $0 
  • Active balance $0 
  • Balance on hold $0

Next payment: 30days

My paypal account: Specify a valid account with PayPal payment system to which money will be remitted in accordance with the established procedure

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